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Company Officers
Line (Firematic) Officers
President: Joseph Crandall Chief: William G. Hempel, IV
Vice President: Timothy Meissner 1st Assistant Chief: Robert Childs
Treasurer: Deb Pfeffer
Recording Secretary:  Tracy Hempel Lieutenant of EMS: T.J. Spallane
Corresponding Secretary: Trygve Tomlinson Lieutenant of Fire: Tim Clune
Sargent At Arms: Roger Latham
Director:  (term expires 12/15) Conor Kopcho
Director:  (term expires 12/15) Will Hempel
Director:  (term expires 12/15) T.J. Spallane
Director:  (term expires 12/14) Pat Gootz
Director:  (term expires 12/14) Roger Latham
Director:  (term expires 12/14) Bob Job
last updated 13 March 2014

Hoags Corners Volunteer Fire Company
East Nassau, NY